The Team

Engedi strives to be an effective, efficient and accountable organisation, which provides good quality services to people with disabilities and their families.  Engedi is committed to having good governance and ethical leadership of the organisation.

The Management Committee is responsible for corporate governance strategies including the reviewing and implementing of Engedi’s Strategic Plan.  The Manager has the responsibility of ensuring the provision of services are of the highest standard and meet the individual needs of all clients .

Our Management Committee aim for  continuous quality improvement by developing and maintaining sound management practices, developing, monitoring and reviewing systems and providing direction and leadership to the organisation to ensure its commitment to its service users and achievement of strategic goals and objectives.

Our qualified and dedicated staff maintain Engedi’s vision to provide the best provision of service for the individual needs.

Our high standards of service delivery are maintained with regular training and skill development programs for all staff.

If you are looking for a rewarding career in the Disability Support sector, please use our contact page for employment opportunities with Engedi.