What should I include in my NDIS Plan?
We usually suggest they start with the supports and services that they are currently receiving. Think about any gaps in services that they may require and think about future goals.

Do I need to go through a Service Provider?
There are 3 ways they can participate. Leave everything with the NDIA, Go through a Service Provider like Engedi for their planning and coordination or they can self-manage and purchase their supports.

What services does Engedi Provide?
–  Engedi Centre Programs – Learning & Life Skills program, sensory Program, Arts Program
–  Community Participation/Access which is individualised support and can include skill development
–  Supported Accommodation/Independent Living – Engedi provides 24/7 support to people living in their own homes
–  Overnight and Day Respite
–  Family Support
–  School Holiday Program
–  Planning and Coordination

All of these will be incorporated in the supports provided under NDIS.

After I get my NDIS plan can I make changes?
Plans are reviewed annually but if something in your plan is not working, not suitable or your circumstances change dramatically you can request that the plan be reviewed earlier by contacting the NDIA.

What happens if I am not contacted by NDIA prior to the rollout?
If you are currently received disability supports your information will be passed onto the NDIA by Disability Services. If you are not currently receiving supports or receive a recent diagnosis you will need to contact the NDIA in October to register with the NDIA.